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A Reflection on Leadership: Don’t be a “rotten grape” or a “wretched tenant”

One of the most discussed topics in organizations today is the subject of "leadership." There are books and TED talks galore telling us all how to be great leaders. Some of them provide good insights, but notwithstanding all of the material out there on this subject, many people still have a fundamental misunderstanding about what ...

Jesus Christ walking on the Sea of Galilee

Praying like Jesus

Today's Gospel reading is the well-known story of Jesus walking on the Sea of Galilee. The story occurs in the Gospel of Matthew immediately after the feeding of the five thousand. While many homilists and writers have undoubtedly reflected on Jesus and Peter walking on the Sea of Galilee today, I found myself focusing on something ...

Street dancing man urban fashion with beard. Wearing black woolen hat. Concrete environment.

Being authentic

One of the readings from my daily prayers today was about David, King of Israel. In the reading, David was in front of the Ark and dancing before it. He was dancing vigorously. Very vigorously. With all his might. In his underwear. His dancing was so intense that at least one of his onlookers actually ...

Musical notes conception

Today, listen to the voice of the Lord

The Liturgy of the Hours starts every day with the Invitatory, Psalm 95. Part of the Psalm reads: "Today, listen to the voice of the Lord: Do not grow stubborn as your fathers did in the wilderness, when at Meriba and Massah they challenged me and provoked me, Although they had seen all of my ...

Jesus Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene

A Meditation on John 20:11-18: Mary Magdalene Meets the Resurrected Christ

A meditation on Mary Magdalene meeting the resurrected Christ.

the desert

“Is it possible for God to prepare a table in the desert?”

In Scripture, the desert is a place of temptation, testing, solitude, prayer, and discipline. Jesus and John the Baptist both prepared for their ministries in the desert. Both Jesus and the Israelites were lead into the desert by God early in their histories and Jesus often went into the wilderness to be alone with the Father.