Finnian and the Seven Mountains #2: The Great Adventure Continues

In my post about Issue #1 of Finnian and the Seven Mountains, I talked about how important it is for Catholics to engage the culture through storytelling.

It is through Catholic (universal and human) themes, that we can communicate with our neighbors and participate in our communities in interesting and creative ways.

Mr. Kosloski continues Finnian’s story in a spirit of great adventure. Tensions build as a new villain arises and a new female hero joins Finnian’s party. The forces of good and evil are coalescing to make for an epic story.

As in Issue #1, the artwork and writing in Issue #2 are top notch. Children and adults who enjoy comics will love this book. Buy it for yourself or as a gift and keep the spirit of heroism and adventure alive.

You can purchase the comic book here:

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