Finnan and the Seven Mountains: A Catholic Story for the New Evangelization

I once read a book that said whoever tells and lives the best stories will rule the future. That book did not take into account Divine Providence and God’s Grace, but the statement bears truth nevertheless.

Media (TV, Internet, movies, books, etc.) is dominated by the secular world, but people are looking for more than what they see in their Facebook feeds. However, many people don’t respond well to “Bible thumping.”

Jesus teaches using parables. The Old Testament is full of stories about Israel and her people. Now is the time for Catholic creatives to share their own Christ-centered stories! Now is the time to remember and share the stories of our saints!

Author Philip Kosloski has taken an important step in the spirit of the Saint’s Journey with his comic book Finnian and the Seven Mountains.

Finnian and the Seven Mountains is suitable for children or adults. The artwork is beautiful and the story is interesting.

This book is a great way to introduce young people to the Catholic faith.

Buy it for yourself or as a gift!

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