Month: March 2017

the desert

“Is it possible for God to prepare a table in the desert?”

In Scripture, the desert is a place of temptation, testing, solitude, prayer, and discipline. Jesus and John the Baptist both prepared for their ministries in the desert. Both Jesus and the Israelites were lead into the desert by God early in their histories and Jesus often went into the wilderness to be alone with the Father.

Lightsaber in space

The Force is strong in my family: Our Hero’s Journey

"Who's your favorite Star Wars character?" "Darth Vader!" "Is Darth Vader a good guy or a bad guy?" "Bad guy!" "What color is Luke's lightsaber in Episode VI?" "Green!" That was some of the Q&A between my son and I while walking up and down a frozen gravel mountain road on an overcast day in December 2006. ...